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Allowing your unholy little spawn to run around SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS and just standing there DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT is rude to the other neighbours who like it quiet. Choosing to allow such noise pollution in such a small space is aggravating. It is unnecessary. You are the parent. It is your responsibility (big word, I know) to keep on your kids about the noise.

When I told you people to keep the noise down, you just laughed. When I told you to keep it down the second time, you pretended that you don't speak English. I happen to know for a fact that that's a bold-faced lie, that you do in fact speak English, because I've spoken to you. For about five minutes. In that time, I noticed that you actually speak English better than most of my American friends do, so try again, dumbass.

To the idiots downstairs.

I've bitched about you before. I've told you directly how I feel about you allowing your demon spawn to run amok in the middle of the night, making it difficult to go to sleep.

Tonight, I have had to confront you again.

About your LOUD conversations in the breezeway. If I can hear you over my laptop, which is ON MY LAP, there is a problem. I was nice when I poked my head out and asked you to lower your voices. I was nice both times I had to endure doing this.

The third time, I was - rightfully so - quite irritated that I'd have to do it again.

I know you speak English.

You have to have at least a fair command of the English language to get by in this country. I know that your friends speak English, too, because they said, "I'm sorry, miss." You know what "Shut the fuck up!" means, I know you do, because the 3rd time I'd had to stick my head out the door and say such, you apologized. So, that tells me right there that you understood that I was not happy. I may be the only one who is ballsy enough to call you out, but I will do it. If it ensures I will have a peaceful night, it will fucking happen.

Next time, I will ring security and they can deal with you.

Don't like it? MOVE.

Dear irresponsible parents . . . .

Dear neighbours downstairs to the left:

Once again, you have shown me that before people have children, there should be common sense and IQ tests administered to determine if children should be brought forth from the union of two adults.

Once again, you have shown me that while I'm not going for Mother-of-the-Year, I am still a good parent and charge for babysitting children because I would NEVER let a small child run amok outside unsupervised.

Once again, you have shown me - and no doubt the other neighbours - that you don't really care what happens to your demon spawn by allowing them outside at such a tender age, unsupervised.

Way to be a good example for those little people God has blessed you with. I sure hope they grow up to be responsible adults despite the lack of responsibility you are showing them.

No love,
The woman upstairs, to the right, who is tired of hearing the CONSTANT screaming bloody murder and causing me to grab my phone and look out the window in case I need to phone the cops because someone sounds like they're being beaten down.

4am fights.

I live in a condo building. There is another building about 50 feet away, across from mine. When people are on their balconies, the noise tends to echo between the buildings, making it louder. It's normally not a huge deal, as it's never really excessive.

This isn't too horrible, as I had not been sleeping... but I got home Saturday night around 4am. I laid down and then it started. At first I just heard a conversation between a woman and man. Then it escalated into a full out screaming match. To make it worse, they were yelling in Polish so I had no idea what was going on. Then I heard the woman hysterically crying in addition to her screaming. It went on like this back and forth for about 15 minutes.

Thankfully I was tired enough that shutting the window enabled me to just knock right out, but it was still really shitty considering between the two buildings there are 88 units, and no one wants to be woken up at 4am to a domestic dispute.

Stupid neighbours

Dear jerk neighbour -
It is 10.38 at night. Why don't you have your spawn in bed at this hour?! Letting said brat out and about to cause a ruckus is quite rude. And the noise is making my dog bark, thus probably disturbing more neighbours than your little brat is.
Put a lid on it.

No love,
The neighbour who likes it quiet at night (and I'm not the only one!)

Dear idiot neighbour . . .

Dear annoying neighbour stomping about upstairs -

Think of me as the neighbour who likes it QUIET at this hour. FFS! You don't need to be stomping about! You don't need to be moving furniture or your severed head collection. THAT CAN BLOODY WELL WAIT TILL IT'S DAYTIME when people are awake, NOT when people are trying to sodding SLEEP!

No love,
The woman who lives directly below you and is NOT impressed with you at this disgusting hour.

I really need help

Over the weekend my neighbors water line burst and flooded my property. Being Christmas and all I didn't discover this until I got back home from my parents yesterday. I've had nothing but trouble from this rental unit; TEN YEARS of bad behavior from renters including extremely loud parties, property damage, noise problems and at one point a prostitution ring/drug house before the police broke it up.
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A revolving door of crackheads and misery

Tales of the apartment building next door, and the wonderful criminals who inhabit it.

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Argh, I'm surrounded!

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